Barking Bass Records is an underground electronic music label from New York. Started by NYC / Long Island jungle producer PHREE NUGZ, but ran by the NY underground. That's right, this is your label!! We will initially be focusing on digital releases, but then doing limited run cassette tape  and vinyl records releases as well. If you have an idea for a release, music we should hear, we want to hear it. Let's do this together. 

We are here to find unpretentious,  real electronic music, and put it out for the world to enjoy. Not for the money, not for the fame, but for the need to keep rave culture and music alive. To make and enjoy music without boundaries, without fear of not... nor a need to be accepted.  A return to what created this scene and the music that made it possible. Pushing boundaries, by taking chances... that will be our motto. As we do in life, so do we in and with our music.

There isn't very much else to say at this point, as we are so early in our journey.  If you are reading this, then you are here... so thank you! I hope you find some music you enjoy, please check back regularly to check out new releases and link up with us on Facebook. Producers, does the above sound like something you fit in with, have something you think we should hear? Drop us a line on the Contact page, you can even submit a track for review.

Thanks again for checking us out... RAVE TO THE GRAVE! P.L.U.R.

-Barking Bass

2020 Barking Bass Records